Update on Life in Quarantine

You may remember Fernando André, who started at the Acorn Childcare Center in January. His mother, Cinthia, had graduated from college with a teaching degree but was working long hours selling school supplies.

Cinthia and Fernando were able to move out of the small rented house they were sharing with 5 other relatives and moved in with Cinthia’s grandmother.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit Guatemala. Immediately, Cinthia lost her job selling school supplies. Then Cinthia’s grandmother also lost her job. Unable to pay the rent, the family lost their home.

The economic impact of the pandemic in Guatemala has been devastating. In the streets near the Acorn Childcare Center people hold white flags to show that they are hungry and in need of food. There is so little work available that many people are left with no alternative but to beg in the streets. Government aid does not seem to be reaching the people that need it most.

But there are signs of hope.

Cinthia’s grandmother secured work as a caretaker for a local school. She is not paid, but the family can live there together in return for cleaning and caring for the building.

Cinthia recently found work at a restaurant, helping to coordinate and deliver food to people at home. She is paid less than the minimum wage, but any income is better than nothing in the midst of this crisis.

Fernando misses his friends at the Acorn Childcare Center, along with the comfort of a safe and pleasant building with regular wholesome meals but the resources from the Center and daily interactive videos from his teachers give Fernando something constant to hold on to. Every morning he asks, “What activity am I going to do with my teachers today?”

The food allowance from the Center has helped Fernando stay healthy and the connection Cinthia has with the Center staff members gives her hope for their future.

Cinthia is deeply grateful and we have your generosity to thank for sustaining families like Cinthia and Fernando André through such difficult times. Thank you.