The first 5 years of children’s lives are of vital importance. Poor nutrition can greatly damage healthy growth and brain development, leading to serious mental and physical health issues including stunted growth, blindness, diabetes and heart disease. Guatemala has some of the worst rates of malnutrition in the region: nearly 1/2 of Guatemala’s children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition.

The Acorn Childcare Center provides children with a nutritious diet and monitors children’s health and development. At the Center, students start their day with a nutritious breakfast, receive a healthy snack and main meal later in the day as well. The teachers and staff take great care to prepare the meals for and with the children. How food is grown and where food comes from is an ongoing part of the curriculum and connects young children to the world around them.


The Acorn Childcare Center (Centro Infantil Bellota in Spanish) gives children a better start in life, providing essential care and exceptional early education for 2–6 year olds.