With your support, our teachers are continuing to provide daily instructional videos and materials for our students to learn at home.

Last month, students learned about different occupations with engaging video lessons starring their teachers! After the lessons, the students were encouraged to  submit a video of their own to share what they want to be when they grow up. One video was particularly touching:

In this video, Carlitos says, “Hi I’m Doctor Carlitos Valdés. When I grow up I will be a veterinarian and I will take care of the animals when they need it.”

Despite how little his family has, Carlitos is eager to help others in need. He is very familiar with the nebulizer because was a baby he had severe pneumonia leaving him with a lingering cough. This cough causes complications with any mild illness making it necessary for him to continue to use the nebulizer. His smiling face lets us all know how he’s put a positive spin on this hardship — he’s proud to show his teachers how capable and knowledgeable he is!

Because of your generosity, all of our young students are staying engaged and feeling proud to show their hard work. Just look at the smiles from more students who shared their passions and hopes for their futures:


Every donation helps ensure that we can continue transforming the lives of families facing extreme poverty.

Maya Childcare Inc is run entirely by volunteers, thus 100% of your donation goes directly to the Acorn Childcare Center.

The fact that the Acorn Childcare Centre is able to offer such crucial, life-changing support to children and families living in extreme poverty, is thanks to the work and the generosity of many people, doing and giving what they can to help. Every contribution matters, and together all these efforts make a huge difference.

Next week, September 14-18th, we’re partnering with Global Giving for a matching campaign called Little by Little: all week long online donations up to $50 will be matched at 50% and funds will not run out. Join us!

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