We have started the new school year with great joy and enthusiasm! We have already welcomed 10 returning families and 5 new families. With your support, we are confident that we can support these families in need, offering children an exceptional early education, giving peace of mind to working mothers and helping families access healthy food and the medical supplies they need.

Quarantine has caused a lot of additional stress for struggling families, and especially for children who are trying to learn and grow without social activities, which are such an important part of their development.

Our teachers have planned many fun and creative activities for home through videos and virtual classes so that our young learners can develop their language, cognitive skills, motor skills, and social-emotional skills while also feeling connected to each other and to our community. Every week, teachers pack bags for each child and deliver education materials safely to their homes.

For these activities to be successful, we are also providing financial help to all families to cover the costs of internet access as well as the purchase of some basic healthy food for the children. We believe this learning-at-home system will be required for at least the first four months of this year.

Meanwhile, we are working hard to prepare our Center with all the safety measures and protocols required by the government, so that, when the local levels of Covid-19 allow it , we can reopen in-person learning. We really look forward to being together again.

Thank you so much for being part of this initiative and for believing in the value of early education and family support in Guatemala.

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Every donation helps ensure that we can continue transforming the lives of families facing extreme poverty.

Maya Childcare Inc is run entirely by volunteers, thus 100% of your donation goes directly to the Acorn Childcare Center.

The fact that the Acorn Childcare Centre is able to offer such crucial, life-changing support to children and families living in extreme poverty, is thanks to the work and the generosity of many people, doing and giving what they can to help. Every contribution matters, and together all these efforts make a huge difference.