With the students now able to attend in-person learning 4 days a week (with 1 day for cleaning), the Acorn Childcare Center feels energized and joyful!

Social interaction like this fosters a “sense of self,” an important developmental milestone that influences children’s perception of the world. Socializing with peers paves the way for other life-long skills such as communication, problem-solving and confidence. While the students were able to interact with each other during remote learning, playing and learning together in person provides less distractions, clearer communication and more meaningful friendships. It  feels so good to be together again!

Last month, to celebrate Fathers Day, the students made personalized gifts for their fathers, grandfathers and father-figures. We had a lot of smiling faces at dismissal time!

Your generous contributions give these young children a better start and give their parents and caregiver so much hope despite their economic and family difficulties. Thank you!