Meet one of our new students, Daniel Omar, age 4. Daniel Omar lives with his mother and grandparents. His mother was 17 years old when he was born and he had many health complications including surgery to keep him alive. He spent the first two months of his life in hospital. Doctors warned the family that he might end up with language, hearing or vision problems as a result. Luckily, he hasn’t yet presented with any of these problems.

In the last two months, we’ve observed that Daniel Omar is generally very happy here, but he reacts aggressively during lively activities where children shout, laugh loudly, or where the music is loud. Our teachers spoke with his mother and grandparents to help them access professional help from psychologists and neurologists to support his full development by identifying the underlying issues.

At the Acorn Childcare Center we serve not just the children that attend, but the whole family through referrals to psychologists, parenting workshops, conflict resolution, health support and personalized attention when we observe larger family concerns. Because of your generosity it is possible to provide this important wrap-around service to our families. Thank you for your continued support!


Every donation helps ensure that we can continue transforming the lives of families facing extreme poverty.

Maya Childcare Inc is run entirely by volunteers, thus 100% of your donation goes directly to the Acorn Childcare Center.

The fact that the Acorn Childcare Centre is able to offer such crucial, life-changing support to children and families living in extreme poverty, is thanks to the work and the generosity of many people, doing and giving what they can to help. Every contribution matters, and together all these efforts make a huge difference.

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